A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.

Sydney Smith

A perfect home means different things to all of us. For some, it’s just a shelter and they are happy as long it is safe, warm and comfortable. However, many of us aspire to something more than just fulfilling the most basic human needs. We want our homes to be good-looking, inviting and relaxing places in which we create memories and come back to happily after a long day away. We need them to fit our lifestyle and hobbies, and express our taste and personality.

It’s quite easy to notice that the most beautiful interiors possess a very clear sense of style. We enter a room and immediately see that nothing is random and that someone put a lot of thought in how to arrange the space. There is balance, harmony and purpose in every detail which creates great flow and good energy.

Thoughtful decorating can significantly enhance the quality of one’s life and bring the best in a home’s natural character. It transforms a bland room into a visual spectacle and is the expression of its owner’s temperament. It can be achieved by working with color, light and texture. Purposefully arranged furniture, hand-picked accessories and corresponding flooring and window treatments can turn any space into a home you can call your own.

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