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Staging FAQ

Absolutely! The greatest fact about home staging is that it benefits sellers in all kinds of situations. If you are lucky to sell when house inventory is low and demand is high (so called seller's market) home staging can not only sell your place faster but also for more money. It’s been proven hundreds of times that staged homes sell with multiple offers and often for much more than asking price.
This is actually quite a popular misconception about home staging. Instead of being an expense, home staging is an investment that actually prevents sellers from losing money and also generates additional income. The cost of home staging is always smaller than the financial gain it provides or the money lost from the first price reduction if the property sits on the market. In the USA, the average price reduction is 5-10% when a house doesn’t initially sell – if we talk about a property that is priced at $400,000 it can be between $20,000 to $40,000! Home staging will always be a fraction of this amount.
Home staging is for everybody and works in all segments of the real estate market. In every price range there are buyers looking for the best house for their money and they will shop around to find it. Even a very modest place can present itself much better with the help of a professional home stager.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. If time is of the essence and you need your selling process to be fast and painless, staging services really come in handy. Neglected or not-looking-its-best real estate has much smaller prospects to make potential buyers fall in love with it and return with a strong offer in a matter of days. There are actually houses sitting on the market for months for this reason. Theoretically there is nothing wrong with them, but they do lack this wow factor and get lost in the sea of other listings. Remember, most buyers only see what the property is, not what it could be.
Showcasing is the concluding day of the whole staging process when the ultimate home transformation takes place. It’s the day when the furniture is rearranged or rentals are delivered, artwork and accessories added, and all final touches are put in place. Each showcasing day is the result of a preceding bid or consultation when all details were discussed.
The 2-hour consultation price is fixed and depends on the type of your property (houses require additional outside staging) and its size. The price for the final showcasing will vary according to how many rooms need to be staged, if owner’s furniture will be used, how much of my staging inventory I will bring, or if the house is vacant and there are furniture rentals involved. I also offer short complimentary 20-minute bids which provide an estimate of the cost of the final showcasing.
Consultation is a much more thorough process while a bid is rather a basic appraisal of fees relating to the final day of staging (showcasing). Detailed consultation, which usually takes 2 hours, includes a room by room walk through of the property, discussing its strong suits and issues, and a great deal of home staging tips and recommendations. It concludes in creating an individual multipage report which is a very helpful manual for homeowners who plan to put their house on the market. Cost of the additional showcasing services is mentioned in this document as well.
The ideal scenario would be to contact me when you first start thinking about selling your property. This allows plenty of time to address all of the issues in your house or condo, and to make it as appealing as possible for its Internet photos and future showings. If your listing date is approaching soon, there is still time to discuss staging of your home and make it stand out among others. In most situations final showcasing can be done in just a day and makes a tremendous difference in the appearance of your property. I also work with houses that have been on the market for longer periods of time but didn’t generate enough interest to sell. I can do as little or as much as needed, depending on your preferences, time frame and budget.
No, absolutely not. It’s quite common to stage properties while the owners still live in it. Homeowner’s furniture and decor can be incorporated in the staging process, however, part of their personal belongings might need to be stored out of sight.
I serve Redmond, WA and surrounding towns on the Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Sammamish, Woodinville, etc.)

Decorating FAQ

Sometimes even people with great taste experience difficulties with carrying out their decorating ideas and visualizing things with the mind’s eye. You might not be able to create your dream interior by yourself but will be able to work great with the guidance of a decorator who will suggest different solutions and will help with defining your personal style.
Absolutely! Decorating is not only about buying expensive objects but also about creativity and looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes. A gallon of new paint can go a really long way to completely transform your space without ruining your budget. Accessories and wall art don’t need to be costly either and can give a room a totally different look. Old objects might be repurposed, get new life and function, and even become conversational pieces!
The devil is in the details and even a carefully renovated space will not shine without thoughtful decorating and fine-tuning. Uninspiring interiors can be made interesting and brought to life with the right accessories, lighting or a pop of color. Decorating a newly renovated space can add just the right amount of polish that is needed to make your home look delightful.
Yes, they are included in my initial decorating consultation. I always bring several color palettes and samples which can be used as a starting point for a discussion about your preferences. Color is a basic component of each decorating process and since it can make or break a room, it needs to be chosen very carefully.
Certainly. I can incorporate your furniture in my decorating plan and make all decorating choices around it.
Yes. After the consultation to determine my client’s needs, taste and budget, I can certainly shop for art, accessories, furniture and anything else that completes the vision.
The price of the initial two hour consultation is fixed. The remaining cost depends on range of services and rooms you would like assistance with.
I serve Redmond, WA and surrounding towns on the Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Sammamish, Woodinville, etc.)

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